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killer_bribri's Journal

17 July 1990
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i love life, it only keeps getting better!
i really don't know where i'm going with college,
but i just want to do something that makes me happy.
my biggest goal at the moment is to move to illinois soon.
i'm not into drugs or drinking, it's just not my thing
and it never has been.
there are some things about myself i can't explain,
for they would take too long. i don't think you have the time
to read a life story anyway.
but, to keep things simple i'll tell you some basics :}
i love music, fashion, and art. i love photography, all
different kinds. art is a way of life, because it can
express who you truly are. i'm very liberal. i
think we should all be treated equally, race and
orientation do not matter.
always try to understand and accept before you judge.
everyone's a person and deserves to be treated like one.